Who? What? Why?
The result of a cruel scientific experiment (FACES4RADIO) manifests itself as a trio of wandering minstrels. Dave Elliott (drums), Andy Garner (bass) and Lee Garner (guitar) terrorize the local with their close harmony singing and soothsaying. These guys have been knocking around in various guises for nearly 20 years and just like a bad penny they keep turning up again and again with faces that only a mother could love.

Their performance consists of an eclectic mix of material centering round the late 70's and early 80's. The odd classic from the 60's and a few interesting modern choices complete a collection of songs that other bands rarely attempt. Delivered with gusto, there's something for everyone - even if they are "The Ugliest Band in Town!" Like a cross between Marty Feldman and Arthur Askey they'll leave you feeling wide eyed and legless.

Where we're at
Cheshire Cheese, Fri 23rd Jan
The Railway, Fri 30th Jan
The Cosey Club, Fri 13th Feb
White Horse, Nantwich, Fri 6th March
Cheshire Cheese, Sat 28th March
The Railway, Sat 4th April
The Railway, Sat 18th April
The Cosey Club, Fri 5th June
Cheshire Cheese, Fri 12th June
The Railway, Fri 26th June
The Railway, Sat 5th Sept
The Cosey Club, Fri 6th Nov
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LEONARD NIMOY: " The logical choice For Trekkie conventions."
BORIS KARLOFF: "F4R frightened the **** out of me."
ELI WALLACH: "There's good, there's bad but most of all these guys are ugly."
Lee Garner Andy Garner
Dave Elliott Eli Wallach